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We Love You & Our Planet

We love you and our planet.

Did you know that when you purchase from Chelsee Intimates your package will come wrapped in fully compostable materials? 

As part of our sustainability promise to you and to the planet, we found some Australian eco- friendly packaging options. That means that our liners are compostable, our garments bags are compostable and our mailing bags are compostable. 

Over 5 million tonnes of packaging was used in Australia, 2018. Only half was recycled after use. The packaging you receive from Chelsee Intimates is 100% compostable, meaning if you don't compost them at home they will still breakdown to nothing within 3 months - 3 years, rather than several hundred years.

Chelsee Eco

How to reuse your mailer. 

If gently opened using a pair of scissors and cutting on the dotted line within the loop, you are able to use your mailing bags for returning items, small bin liners, sanitary bags, a poop bag for your pooch or you could make your very own mailer undies. The possibilities are endless and as we get to enjoy this world for longer. 

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